Our Mission is to Give You Everything You’ll Need for an Unforgettable Event

With experience in outlandish to minimalistic events, Dubsdread Catering can attend to any of our clients’ needs. Standard room rentals are in 4 hour increments, and outside locations are rented subject to weather conditions. Whether you’re planning a conservative corporate dinner or a celebration of company success, we can help. In the past, we’ve coordinated various office holiday parties, car shows, charity benefits, anniversaries, award banquets, retirement parties, company workshops, networking events, conferences, team building exercises, weddings, and more. We are a full service company, and coordinate with other necessary vendors to ensure a successful event. With a convenient and easy online form for scheduling tours and requesting a quote, you can contact us with almost immediate response.

At Dubsdread Catering, our mission is to give you everything you’ll need for an unforgettable event. We have unique locations, the best menu options, and impeccable service from start to end.  Our event planners strive to get every detail just right, and work to a higher standard than our competition. We consistently provide food and services that exceed expectations, and have earned many awards. We’re proud to have been awarded the 2013 Knot Hall of Fame award, a very prestigious award given to a very limited amount of companies in the United States. Consistent success and customer satisfaction gives us the ability to call ourselves one of the best Orlando catering companies in Central Florida, with unmatched experience in planning corporate events. 

Whether Your Corporate Event is Big or Small, We have an Option for You

Dubsdread Catering has been providing excellent service to Orlando for over 12 years. With the thousands of successful corporate events under our belt, we can provide you and your company with experience, insight, and a depth of knowledge to make your event the best that it can be; regardless of size or budget. Dubsdread’s award-winning event planners are included in every package, and work to maintain the high level of quality that our reputation calls for. Their attention to detail ensures that each and every guest is taken care of so they can enjoy the event.

We provide service at popular venues, such as historic Dubsdread, Highland Manor, The Veranda, Leu Gardens, The Mezz, and the Winter Park Farmer’s Market. We also offer services to private residences and corporate offices. As the Orlando caterer for your corporate events, menu options are limitless. Our culinary specialists are creative and exceed the needs of our clients. Menus can be customized to fit preferences regarding budget, group size, and event type. We have options for all-inclusive or a la carte menus, with a range of meals including, trendy or traditional dishes, savory or sweet, plated or buffet style, and breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Our website,, has sample menus including, the popular “Build Your Own Brunch,” “An Enchanted Evening,” and “Southern Gents Attended Stations.” We also have a full gallery with pictures of a range of our menu items: hors d’oeuvres, plated meals, and desserts. Our galleries also include pictures of venues and previous events. 

How Has Dubsdread Catering Landed on “The Knot Best of Weddings List?”

This Orlando based catering service has been serving the area for well over 12 years. During this time span Dubspread Catering has achieved numerous awards; landing on “The Knot Best of Weddings List” eight years in a row (2007-2014). These awards are simply a reflection of the superb service this company has to offer you. Stress is almost always associated with events in which food is provided to your guests. However, Dubsdread Catering helps alleviate any such stress by having a flexible schedule, while providing a 100% custom meal service to fit your needs. 

An expert planner will be assigned to you to discuss the unique services that are offered. Dubsdread Catering understands that guests enjoy all different types of cuisine, thus this company employs top-notch chefs eager to provide mouth-watering meals. The Orlando event planner will go on to review the locations for your event and provide a detailed description of how Dubsdread Catering will provide their services. Locations will range from backyards to our amazing Orlando venues.

Highland Manor Wedding Venue

Highland Manor is one of the most exquisite wedding venues in the greater Orlando area. Located just 14 miles outside of Downtown Orlando, your guests will travel back into history. With monumental oaks and a breathtaking home, it’s the hot spot for weddings, business events and formal dinners. Highland Manor is an all-inclusive Orlando venue, making it a prime location to host an unforgettable event.

The focus point of Highland Manor, is of course, the awe-inspiring remote home located on the 11-acre property. With a very bygone, native rock ceiling, it creates a genuine and endearing feel. Whether it is for a social occasion or a nuptial, guests may choose from the Oak room, The Veranda, Crystal ballroom, or enjoy the outdoors under the marvelous oak trees. 

Dubsdread Catering will provide everything needed for an extravagant occasion and create a budget reasonable for everyone. Whether it is 10 or 350 guests, Dubsdread Catering will not disappoint due to many choices for each and every potential client. Combining Highland Manor and Dubsdread Catering, any occasion can be transformed into an extraordinary event that will truly be memorable. 

Dubsdread Catering Offers Catering Services throughout Central Florida

Some of our most popular venues that we offer Orlando catering services to include:

  • Historic Dubsdread
  • Highland Manor
  • The Veranda at Thornton Park
  • Leu Gardens
  • The Mezz
  • The Maitland Art Center
  • Orange County History Center
  • The Abbey
  • Winter Park Farmer’s Market
  • The Citrus Bowl
  • Corporate Offices
  • Private Residences

Choosing the Right Caterer for your Wedding Venue

As an expert in the Orlando catering industry, we’ve compiled a simple list of things to address with your potential wedding caterers.  This should help you separate the good from the bad, and find a vendor who will perform beyond your expectations.

  • Recommendations – The first step in finding the right caterer for your wedding venue is asking for recommendations.  Friends, family and even co-workers are great people to turn to when you need to find a caterer with a great reputation in your area.
  • Food Tasting – The next step is setting up an appointment with the caterer to taste the food itself, which is one of the most enjoyable steps of the entire process!
  • Ask for References – If the food meets your expectations, ask for references from other clients or wedding venues they have done business with.  Reputable providers should easily be able to provide you with plenty upon request.
  • Check Licensing – Call the local health department and inquire information on their licensing and see if their certification is up-to-date.  Do your research to see if there have been previous complaints filed against them.
  • Get a Quote – While most people think price is the first factor to consider, it really should be one of the last.  When you consider the food exceeding 50% of the total wedding cost, you don’t want to cut corners.  You do indeed tend to get what you pay for.
  • Carefully Read Contract – Last but not least, carefully read over any contract you are expected to sign.  The written agreement will serve as your protection in case anything goes wrong with the service and you end up in a dispute with the caterer.

These tips will direct you in the right direction to finding the right caterer for your special day.  No matter how large your wedding is, or what wedding venue you plan to hold it at, just remember to do your due diligence and fully investigate potential providers before doing any business with them.

We Become Apart of Your Support System

Every bride needs the support of their friends and family to help make their wedding day turn out just as they have always imagined it . Although, getting all of your bridesmaids together to go dress shopping and visiting breathtaking wedding venues is what almost every bride to be looks forward to, there are times that become overwhelming and stressful due to so many different options and so little time to fully look into all of them.  This is where an Orlando wedding planner comes into play and is able to complete the bride’s support system. They know exactly how stressful this process is for you, therefore, they will lift as many burdens off of you as they can to make sure this transition into a new chapter of your life is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.  Wedding planners lend an ear when the stress of planning becomes too much. While it is possible to plan a great wedding without a planner, it is most definitely easier and less likely of something going wrong when you employ one.

Orlando Wedding Planners Save You Time

Whether the big day is in six, twelve, or even eighteen months, it will feel like you don’t have enough time to get everything done. Time just never seems to be on your side when it comes to planning one of the most special days of your life.  If a bride chooses to go through the process of planning a wedding alone, there are sure to be things that slip through the cracks that aren’t thought of due to lack of experience.  Oftentimes, the bride starts off the process without any help and it soon becomes an unbearable, stressful roller coaster.  You take on the burden of scheduling wedding venues, interviewing Orlando caterers, making guest lists/seating charts, finding florists, bakers, bridesmaids’ dresses and much more. All of this can become very overwhelming, especially if you are doing it for the first time.


A wedding planner can take the reins and speed up the process.  Not only do Orlando wedding planners have the experience in preparing successful weddings, they get things completed on time and in the order they need to be accomplished.  The best part about hiring a wedding planner from DubsDread is that while the planner does all the scheduling and logistics that go on behind the scenes, you will be free to enjoy all of the exciting wedding festivities and focus more on what every bride looks forward to doing, which is participating in delicious cake tastings and wedding dress shopping.

No One Knows the Industry Better Than your Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner will know the most exquisite places in town to host your wedding at, as well as the best wedding caterer in the area. Not only that, but many planners have personal relationships with venues, bakers and caterers, which they can leverage into a discount. Planners often pay for themselves, saving you money on anything from tux rentals to beautiful, tiered wedding cakes.


Have you considered that something could fall through and possibly go wrong? The most experienced planners will have done enough weddings to have contingency plans in place for any disaster. Not only will the work with your venue too ensure you are taken care of in the event of a fire or flood, they will make sure that the caterer is on time and that everything is perfect for your special day.

The Importance of Having a Wedding Planner

Even if you have never planned a wedding before, you probably have a pretty good idea of how insanely hectic it can be. Not only do you have to prepare yourself for the wedding, you have to ensure that all of your family and your future spouse’s family are taken care of with finding a dress, venue, caterer, etc.. This is where a wedding planner comes in.


Whether you are clueless as where to start when it comes to planning a wedding, or if you are just overwhelmed by the task, a planner can alleviate the burden and even lower the cost of the entire wedding through industry connections. Your wedding really should be the happiest day of your life, but if you are stressed out and hurried in trying to make everything perfect, there is no way it will ever be. Wedding planners have the ability to save you time, expense and stress at the least.

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