Choosing the Right Caterer for your Wedding Venue

As an expert in the Orlando catering industry, we’ve compiled a simple list of things to address with your potential wedding caterers.  This should help you separate the good from the bad, and find a vendor who will perform beyond your expectations.

  • Recommendations – The first step in finding the right caterer for your wedding venue is asking for recommendations.  Friends, family and even co-workers are great people to turn to when you need to find a caterer with a great reputation in your area.
  • Food Tasting – The next step is setting up an appointment with the caterer to taste the food itself, which is one of the most enjoyable steps of the entire process!
  • Ask for References – If the food meets your expectations, ask for references from other clients or wedding venues they have done business with.  Reputable providers should easily be able to provide you with plenty upon request.
  • Check Licensing – Call the local health department and inquire information on their licensing and see if their certification is up-to-date.  Do your research to see if there have been previous complaints filed against them.
  • Get a Quote – While most people think price is the first factor to consider, it really should be one of the last.  When you consider the food exceeding 50% of the total wedding cost, you don’t want to cut corners.  You do indeed tend to get what you pay for.
  • Carefully Read Contract – Last but not least, carefully read over any contract you are expected to sign.  The written agreement will serve as your protection in case anything goes wrong with the service and you end up in a dispute with the caterer.

These tips will direct you in the right direction to finding the right caterer for your special day.  No matter how large your wedding is, or what wedding venue you plan to hold it at, just remember to do your due diligence and fully investigate potential providers before doing any business with them.

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