Mobile Catering Kitchen Keeps Things Rolling

  • December 20, 2019
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Mobile Catering Kitchen Keeps Things Rolling

Mobile Catering Kitchen Onsite

Dubsdread Catering’s mobile catering kitchen offers catering flexibility throughout Central Florida

Dubsdread Catering has always rocked, or so our hundreds of five-star reviews say, but our catering services actually rolls, too! In our quest to provide our clients with the freshest food and flexible services, we added a Mobile Catering Kitchen to ensure that we will always deliver the highest quality food and service – no matter the location.

It’s not a food truck, nor is it used for marketing at public events, so how does having our own Mobile Catering Kitchen benefit our clients? We’re glad you asked!

  1. Food cooked fresh on-site ensuring the best guest food experience
    While proper planning and prepping is essential to a successful outcome, having the ability to cook appetizers, buffet items, plated meals, and even extra late-night snacks on-site at your location of choice means you never have to compromise on your menu, number of courses, guest numbers or quality of food.
  2. Able to quickly respond to guest number or time changes
    We know that getting an exact head count for your event can be at best difficult, and at worst impossible. Planning with our Dubsdread Catering team and utilizing the flexibility of Our Mobile Catering Kitchen means those “maybes” and “oops, I forgot” occurrences don’t put a strain on your best laid plans.
  3. No significant impact on your kitchen or space
    Having an event catered at your home, office, or other venue that is limited on space, let alone space for a professional team to work? No problem. Our Mobile Catering Kitchen means just that – we roll in with a self-contained professional-level cooking space that won’t impact your guests or your space.
  4. Professional package that won’t detract from your event
    Our Mobile Catering Kitchen is wrapped in a classic black and gold package that is both understated and elegant, so the only thing your guests will comment on to you is how good the food and service is.

Our team members offer service and hospitality you won’t find anywhere else, and with the addition of our Mobile Catering Kitchen we bring fresh, flexible, fuss-free event catering services that will exceed your expectations.

Mobile Catering Kitchen Classic