Pro Tip: What About Non-White for a Wedding Dress?

  • June 23, 2022
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Non-White for a Wedding Dress?

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Pro Tip: What About Non-White for a Wedding Dress? The Dubsdread Catering Team weighs in with professional opinions for this often-asked question.

Colors play a huge role when it comes to weddings, so much so that some brides give detailed dress codes for specific colors they prefer guests to wear, and even a list of ones they don’t want worn to the event. No matter the requested dress code colors, everyone knows the one color you can’t ever wear to a wedding is white. But what about if the bride is the one who wants to wear a different color than white? This is one question our Dubsdread Catering Team gets asked time and time again is: What is your opinion on a bride wearing something other a traditional white dress for the wedding?

Over time, as fashion trends and rules have changed, naturally people’s thoughts and opinions have changed as well. However, it can still be quite a divided issue. Some people still see any color other than white as non-traditional and too trendy to stand the test of time. However, grooms wear has evolved to include many other different hues than black, so why shouldn’t bridal wear evolve to include more than just white?

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We thought we’d ask our team for their opinions and share them here for your consideration.


  • Christiana Bullard: I tend to be more on the traditional and on the conservative-side, so I prefer white or ivory for the wedding dress.


  • Carissa Llewellyn-Burns: I love seeing a non-traditional color for a bride’s dress! I, personally, went with traditional ivory, however, I remember trying on a blush and it was definitely a top contender. I just think the dress has to match the bride’s personality and style. Not forcing the bride to conform to tradition. Seeing all the different style and color wedding dresses is my favorite part of a wedding so seeing a bride be comfortable in something that represents who she is transfers in photos and memories forever. 
  • Peighton Ballant: I love different wedding dress colors! I think they can be really fun and can change things up in a nice way. I do prefer either white or ivory for myself, but love to see others in non-traditional colors.
  • Shanna Paris: Colored wedding dresses have been a growing trend. I’ve seen many brides with beautiful colors beyond the traditional white and ivory: blush, champagne, silver being the most popular; black, and Tiffany blue I have also seen worn down the aisle. My personal favorite is a blush or nude-colored wedding dress. 
  • Michelle Edmiston: Don’t get me wrong, I truly love a beautiful white wedding but that is not for everyone. I love it more when a bride picks a dress that may not be a traditional white wedding dress however what they pick is boosting with their personality. Whether that be a different color than white, non-traditional style or both. 

So, there you have it! Overall, our team thinks that the dress has to match the bride’s personality and style and does not need to conform to tradition. 

Our experienced team at Dubsdread Catering are here to offer professional advice as well as help you personalize your special day. Just ask!

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