Dubsdread Real Weddings – Racheal Blank and Rich Smith

  • February 7, 2020
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Dubsdread Catering Real Wedding at Highland Manor


An interview with Racheal Blank-Smith

At Dubsdread Catering we love being dedicated members of the team that makes your big day your best day. While we are masters at the planning and executing the behind-the-scenes work, we know our clients have valuable insights to share from their point of view. We thank recent client Racheal Blank for graciously sharing her experience and advice here to benefit others in their planning.

BRIDE AND GROOM: Racheal Blank and Rich Smith
WEDDING DATE: November 2, 2019
VENUE: The Highland Manor 
EVENT COORDINATOR: Michelle Edmiston - Dubsdread Catering Team 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Rose Ivy Photography 
FLORIST: Racheal Blank (bride) did her own flowers
DJ: Junction88 Productions 
CAKE: Gideon’s Bakehouse and P is for Pie 

1. What idea(s) did you have going into your first planning meeting that you thought would be a “have to have”, that you ended up not doing or needing?
Honestly, I went into our planning wanting to keep things as simple as possible. I like a simple, clean aesthetic, plus it really helped keep me on budget! As it got closer to the wedding, I had a moment of panic thinking that we may have made it TOO simple and potentially even bare in places, but it ended up being perfect. Looking back, we don’t feel like we missed anything, or didn’t get just what we wanted. 

2. What ended up being important to know/have that you didn’t even know about when you started  planning?  
If there was something, I can't seem to remember what it was now. 

3. What was most helpful in planning – variety of menus? Options for type of meal service?  Event coordinator?  
The tiered options for food were a huge help. We were grateful to have the flexibility of options, while still being able to stay on budget. When we looked at venues and caterers, Dubsdread Catering just seemed to have the most to offer with the menu options, as well as the service options. Also, the bar budget option versus a pay-per-head was a perfect fit for us because we knew that not everyone attending was going to be drinking alcohol, so we were grateful to not have to break our budget for that. Our Dubsdread Catering Event Specialist was AMAZING. Even prior to signing and having Michelle assigned to us as our personal coordinator, the entire team was always quick to answer any questions I had. Once we were in the planning phase, we felt like they were always ten steps ahead of us, and I tend to be a planner, so this made me feel so comfortable letting them handle everything. 

4. Looking back, what is now the most memorable part of your day?
We had quite a few, but some that stand out were: 1) When our personal Dubsdread Catering butlers gave me walking advice. They were so kind to me when I was waiting for my turn to come down the stairs, and I greatly appreciated it in such a time of anticipation and nerves! 2) When just my husband and I were able to go into the ballroom and see the setup before our guests came in and we got to spend a few minutes to ourselves, which was just so nice. We were also able to chat with our DJ, who then played a few seconds of our first dance song. Then our coordinator and butlers helped get my dress bustled and my husband straightened, and then were ready to go back out – it was a special and sweet moment for us. 3) But one of the best parts, was when my husband snuck over to the dessert table when no one was looking and stole a piece of pie for us to split, so we could enjoy it together before dinner was served – it was wonderful. 

5. Is there anything you would do differently or share with someone just starting the process you wish you had known?
I'm sure if I really picked it a part, I could think of something, but I just remember when we drove to our hotel after the reception, that we both said, "Wow, that was absolutely perfect." For the planning, my advice is don’t procrastinate. Do every little thing, project, task, phone call in advance that you possibly can, even if you think it can wait, because when your wedding week arrives, you should just enjoy it and soak it all up. My advice for the wedding day would be to take in the small moments, it’s what everyone says, but it really is the best advice. It’s one of the few times in your life that you have so many of your favorite people in one room celebrating together, so enjoy it!